Friday, November 19, 2010

Something New and Upleasant!!!!

Last week D and i talking about the up coming weekend, she had invited her mother to come and stay the weekend and i was going hunting. I dont really remember what were talking about, but one thing lead to other and i was wisecracking about something and D said "you better be careful or i will make you stay home and keep you tied up all weekend". I said what about your mother and she replied"i can put u in the basement she never goes down there" i replied theres nothing down there to tie me too. She thought about it for a minute and said" maybe i should have you put some hooks in the ceiling down there and i can hang from them all weekend". I thought about it for a few seconds and decided i didnt want any part of that, but without really thinking about, i offered to put some hooks in the wall in our bedroom,she imediately agreed that would be a good idea. So little did i know i would regret ever making that suggestion.
Yesterday i took off work early to get some things done around the house and after arriving home D asked where the hooks in the wall were at,thats when i knew she would be paddling me today. So i got work on putting up the hooks and when i had finished i brought D to the bedroom and showed her my handiwork,she approved. We sat down on bed and began dicussing the things we wanted to get done around the house today which led into D bringing up that she had asked me to do a few things for that still had not gotten done and that she had reminded on several occasions. I apoligised and said i would take care of it right now, D announced it was to late for that and she was going help me remember to do things that i said i would and motivate me to get them done today. She said you are not going to like it, its going to be very unpleasant, so u can think about it this weekend while you are hunting too. Same arrangement this coming weekend as last.

D put the cuffs,the hood and the gag on me,led me to the wall and attached my cuffs to hooks and pulled my underwear down to my ankles.The hooks were at just the right hieght to make me stand up on my toes a little bit. Then i could hear her retrieving the paddles she would be using on me. Since this was a new position she wanted to make sure she found the right paddle for task at hand. She gave a couple of swats with all of them, but the winners were her leather frat paddle with the metal stud and of course het little stinger paddle. I later found out that she had decided to give me about thirty minutes worth,D dosent assign a number of swats that i will recieve,she decides how long the spanking will last and what i get is what i get. She never tells me how long it will last, i just have to find out for myself. So she got started with her two paddles, let me tell you it was brutal right from the begining. After only a few swats she had me dancing and screaming. After a couple of minutes she relented, my ass was on FIRE, but she only stopped long enough to get a damp towel rub my ass with in preperation for the next round. She started again and had me dacing again after only a few swats. The whole thing lasted maybe ten minutes, but it was probably the worst spanking D has ever given me so far. Usually it takes atleast thirty to sixty minutes for D to get the results shes looking for, but as you can see in the pictures i posted it only took ten minutes in this position.

Afterwards i expressed my dislike for this position, D merely said" to bad, i like and thats what matters and you will be on the wall alot in the future and trust me, your not gonna like it as it will last much longer than this time did". She also said checking my as upon my return from hunting this sunday and if she is dissatisfied i will be right back on the wall for some more of what i got the first time. Hopefully that will not be the case but if thats what has be done then so be it. I live to please D. Well gotta go, thanks for reading. B

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last week started out pretty rough,i was overly stessed and it was only tuesday. I talked to D about how i was feeling and i had at work the last two days and that made me feel a little better,but i needed more and i think D was aware of that,but nothimg was said about it in our conversation. So i approached D alittle while later and asked her if she would restrain me gor a little while in hopes of clearing my head, D responded "of course i will", i dont think D mind doing this for me, but i think she likes it when i ask her for it rather than offering it. In the meantime i had retrieved the gag, hood,and the wrist and ankle cuffs and aced them on the bed. When D returned to the bedroom she noticed that the wrist and ankle cuffs were attached to a steel ring about an inch and a half in diameter, i had done this to keep them organised,little did i know, that litttle ring would be trouble for me shortly. D stood there looking at the cuffs and then picked them up and said" we are going to try something diiferent this time. She put all the cuffs on me and then she hooded and gagged me. Normally she would lock my wrists to my ankles each side seperately which would allow me some movment, but not this time, she hooked all four to that damn steel ring, which took away any movement i had previously. After D had me locked down, she went into the kitchen to leave me with my thoughts. A short while later she returned and began to dig through our toy bag, i suspected i was in for more thsn i bargined for. She then sat on the bed next to me asked if i was alright, i answered "yes" the best i could with the gag in my mouth. D then began lightly run her fingernails up and down my back for a few minutes,it felt great, it was so relaxing i wasnt aware that she had slid my underwear down to my knees,next thing i know she is rubbing my ass with her big zebra wood paddle,that difinitely got my attention. She gave me about 40 or 50 swats with it and switched to her stinger paddle,i dont have a clue how long that went on, it seemed like forever. When D had finished with me she quietly got up and left me there to think about what had just happened. About ahalf hour later she returned to free me, i immediately went to her and hugged and thanked her for paddling my ass. After laying there for a little while embraced with her, i began getting upset and started crying and D comforted as she always does. She always knows how to make me feel better...... thx for reading,,,B