Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better late than never

Well last weekend came and went, and no punishments applied. Which was good and bad, my ass didnt hurt all week, but i was rather stressed throughout the week, but that was all taken care this past weekend. Last fri D informed me that i difinitely would be recieving punishment this weekwnd, that statement came shortly after i presented D with a new zebrawood paddle ghat i had been working on for her for some time. fri and saturday came and went again with still no punishment, i was beginning to wonder what was going on. Bright and early sunday morning i awoke to D telling it was time for my spanking. D instructed me to get the wrist and ankle cuffs out as she she would be paddling me on the bed this morning, then she instructed me to get the hood, the new paddle, her oak paddle with the holes, and of course her little stinger paddle. After all of her things had been retrived, she instructed me to put the cuffs on and kneel on the bed, she left me kneeling on the bed for about ten minutes while she went into the kitchen, upon her return she handed me the hood, i put it on, then she shackled my hand and anklea together. D promptly got down too business, u wanna talk about a rude awakening. she paddled my ass with extreme predjice for about thirty minutes using all three paddles, my ass was on fire and stinging very bad, but D finally relented. D left me there for a few minutes and began to inspect her handiwork, she had a displeased look on her face, i knew that couldnt be good for me. We had some running to do, so i got dressed and we headed out to do our errands. A rew houds later we were wandering around the hardware store and out of the blue D asked me if my butt still hurt and like a big dummy i replied not really, i would later find out that was big mistake. When we returned home D told me drop my pants she wanted to see my ass again, so naturally i complied,she was not happy at all. D said" i cant believe its not even hardly red, well i guess i will have to do it again and you count on being tied down to the bench and im gonna paddle your ass till its dripping blood and your crying like a little girl, mister"!!!!! Let me tell you, she did just that, sooner than i expected too. Monday morning i came home work early and was promptly Instructed to get the bench ready because my ass was going to be paddled, throughly!! So D shackled me to the bench, hooded me and promtly got down to the task at hand, once again she was relentless, she gave me about twenty minutes with her new paddle, which she decided worked much beter when i was on the bench and she was standing over me adminstering. That paddle hurts, alot, it has thud of hardwood and the sting of soft wood it difinitely makes lasting impression. After a short break, D was back at it for another twenty minutes or so with her holey oak paddle. Saving the best for last, in her opinion, after another short break,she went to work with little stinger paddle. If i wasnt crying and pleading before, i was now. She had me crying and squealing almost immediately after starting with her little paddle, it seemed like hours until she was finished,but was actually about twenty minutes. She turned up the lights and inspected my ass again, and seemed very pleased this time. It took me a few minutes to regain my composure in order to get off the bench, so D came back over and gave me one hard swat with each one of the paddles,then i was able to get right up. I headed over to bed to lay down and D stopped me and said" you need to go get a towel and get it wet and bring it to me, while getting a towel i asked D what it for and she replied" its for your ass" naturally i reached around and touched it and sure enough there was blood on it. She really did paddle my ass till it was dripping blood and difinitely had me crying like a little girl, when D wants results, D gets results. D gave my very sore butt some aftercare,then told me i could pleasure myself if i wanted to,naturallg i agreed. She told me i had to have something in my ass and my hands cuffed, so D took care of that for me,and i started with D watching closely. After 5 minutes of stroking my cock,D pushed my hands over my head and took over, she always has to be in control. After anout 10 minutes my cock felt like it was going to explode, next thing i know D is climbing on top of my rock hard member,she began ride it like there was no tomorrow, minutes later she brouhht me to a mind blowing orgasm that left me convulsing on the bed for atleast 5minutes. D gave me a few minutes to recover and said get and put my things away then get dressed and lets get to work, so we spent the rest of the day doing things around the house. D is a very good motivator,no more spankings were needed, lucky for me. Thx for reading,,,,,,,B