Tuesday, October 12, 2010

punishment recieved!!!

The week end has come and gone and of course my ass is very sore. I was expecting D to jump right in on fri night but that was not the case this weekend.friday was a short workday for me so when i got home D found plenty of work to do around the house, the whole time i was expecting D to come in at any minute and tell me that it was time for my spanking and to go get everything ready but that never happened. Later on that evening we ordered take out and i thougjt for sure the announcement would come after we had finished eating,but it never did.after dinner we adjourned to the bedroom to watch some tv,we had been in there for and hour or so and i said something like " do want me to get the bench out" D merely said no ,im tired maybe tomorrow if you get all your work done. So i knew what i would be doing tomorrow and needless to say i was not very excited,but thats what D wanted, so thats what D would get. The next morning i awoke around 8am got up and got to work. Iworked all thru the day and into the evening. Iwas going to be grilling steaks for dinner tonite, one of D and i favorite things. Shortly before i started cooking ,D anounced that she would be paddling my ass tonite and i should go get the bench ready. so i went to prepare everything for her, then got on fixing dinner. We enjoyed our dinner together,theres nothing better than a big fat steak and a baked potatoe.after dinner we went to the bedroom and showered, D's back was bothering her i suggested a massage,D agreed that was a good idea. Our spanking bench works great as a massage table also, so i got D on the bench and gave her about a 45min massage,she was most appreciative,feeling much looser she told me it was my turn to get on the bench. She informed me that she would doing things a little differently this time. D likes to see results, she wants my ass to be stinging like its on fire and red as can be, so she would be using her new leather paddle and her stinger paddle that i made for her. Let me tell u, that stinger paddle does just that,STING, i was not looking forward to this paddling. I took my place on the bench and D put the restranits on me and now was in complete control,just the way she likes it. I have devised four restraints for our bench and when all four are used there is no chance of escape, no movement no anything, im not getting up until D allows me too.she placed the hood me but no gag, she said wanted to hear screams and crying this time. D got down to business immediately, she was rerentless for about 20 minutes it seemes like hours to me, finally she
let up to take a break which i difinitely needed,my ass felt like somebody was holding a blow torch on it. After about 5min D was back at it again,she gave another 10mins worth, my ass hurt so bad i cant even describe it. D repeated this 2 more times,then left me there to think about my bad behavior this past week, i feel that i deserved everything i got. After 15 or20 mins D came back to inspect the rezults of her work,she was pleased. D put some lotion on my ass and rubbed it for a few minutes,and freed me from my restraints. It took me a minute or two to regain my composure enough to get up, i cant take to long getting up off the bench or D will take it as a sign that i need more and she will be right back over paddling my ass again.a few minutes later we were on the bed relaxing, i started to take my cuffs and D immediately asked me what i was doing and i replied " taking these off " her response was " no your not, im not finished with you yet" so i left cuffs in place and awaited my fate. To my surpise i was not being paddled again but i was being rewarded, D was going to allow me to have an orgasm. Recently we purchased a prostrate stimulator and D fell in love with it immediately, she can bring me to orgasm of severe intensity,its unbeliveable!!!! After lubing up my ass good she shackled my hands and ankles together and went to work on me, after a few minutes she began to stroke my cock, and then it started to build. After about 15 min she brought me to the most unbelievable orgasms i've ever had, i must have rolled around on the bed for atleast 10 min afterwords moaning, groaning and convulsing,this is what D likes to see. Finally i had calm down enough to carry on a conversation and that was when D informed me that we still had more work to do tomorrow morning before we had to leave for a family function in the afternoon. So the next morning i woke up feeling rather lazy,i just couldnt get motivated,but was more than happy to motivate me,she had me put on the wrist cuffs and bring her little stinger paddle to her. D told me to lay across the bed in front her,and she said " u better not move either, u need to be more discplined in following my request, and we are going to work on that" then she applied about 40 or 50 swats to already burning ass,she had me squealing immediately. Needless to say i was very motivated when she had finished and was ready to start cleaning. D imformed me that we would be cleaning the floor first in the front room which tends to neglected from time to time and needs to be scrubed by hand either sitting down or on ur hands and knees,well i was les than excited about this, D noticed and offered to bring her paddle for any on the spot motivation that may be needed,fortunately for me none was needed.when we were getting ready to leave for the family function, i was puttin aways D's toys and got to her little stinger paddle, i noticed something on it so i asked D about it,and she calmly said "thats your blood i made your ass bleed,did i tell how much i like that paddle" i replied yes u did. Well thats about it for now gotta go.if u read my blog please leave a comment as i havent gotten any yet and would like know what evwrybody thinks. Thanka for reading B...

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