Friday, October 15, 2010

things are changing

After last weekends spanking i was rubbing my ass, and D asked me what i was doing and i said" my ass is on fire and im rubbing it, D replied " stop right now ,there will no more of that, not without my permission and while we are on that topic there will be no touching yourself or masterbating without my permission. When it needs to be done,i will take care of that unless i give you permission to do it yourself. If you do it without permission and lie to me i will know, mister! All i can say is wow, were did that come from. When i first approached D about spanking me i guess i kinda hoped it would turn into something like a domestic discipline situition or something along those lines. I figured if it was to happen, it would slowly evolve into such. When D placed those rules on me i was totally caught off gaurd by it. Maybe D is warming up to the idea of a d/d sititution, if so, shes difinitely jumping in feet first. If that is what is happening, then im probably in big trouble,D can be very firm and demanding when she wants to be,but on the other hand she is a very caring person. There is a possiblity that she just wants to take care of these things for me,which she already does just not at the frequency i prefer, hence the self pleasure comea into play. I will just have wait and see how this progresses. D has promised me that i will be gettingpumished this weekend, and i gotta say im a little nervous after what i received last weekend,its now fri and my ass is almost healed from last weekend,she really gave it to me good, it difintely made a lasting impression,its been on my mind all week. The question is,will D be harsher this week,will she impose more rules on me,is she gonna make my ass bleed or make it black and blue, i dont know, but i have been thinking about it all week. It should be an interesting weekend though. Tues and wed pretty rough days for me at work and i was rather stressed, i really try not to bring that stuff home with me but sometimes it cant be helped. Wed night D and i were laying in bed watching tv, when we began to discuss why i was so stressed,so i explained what had happened at work on those days,we talked about it for a little while and i asked if i could be resrained for a little while,D promptly replied"no, your gonna have to wait till friday" needless to say i was kinda bummed,that does wonders for my stress when D restrains like that,its gives me a chance to let go and give up control or regain control of my emotions. Well gotta go for now, i will post next week about this weekend happenings. If you read this blog plz leave a comment. Thx for reading, B

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